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Specialising in publishing matters such as writing press releases, translations, and magazines with a focus on travel and tourism topics, Bluedale Publishing aspires to be the leading publisher in Malaysia known for its travel and tourism promotions. Bluedale Publishing was founded in the year 2007 and we provide and ensure free and up-to-date information are given in our publications.

KL The Guide E-book

Taiping The Guide E-Book

Taiping The Guide that was first published in 2017, is a free travel guidebook representing the town of Taiping, Perak. The guidebook provides an overall coverage on the quaint town of Taiping featuring hidden gems and hotspots for tourists around the town. The guide is not only confined to the town of Taiping, but it also includes other places within the state of Perak.

Taiping has long maintained its sleepy town charm, along with its charming colonial buildings still standing till this day. When you enter this area, this place will surely bring you back to the pre-independence times. This small town is heavily forested and is home to the well-known hiking destination Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill). Plan your journey to Taiping town and get directions to the places of your choice by downloading an e-copy of our guide from the e-book section or from the QR code down below.

Travel Guide In Your Palm

Proudly presenting Taiping The Guide app, it is a free travel guide app created to ensure both international and domestic travellers are given the information needed for them to have an enjoyable adventure around the quaint town of Taiping. Due to its naturally heavily forested location, Taiping is adorned with many beautiful picturesque views and outdoor activities that will be worth your while. To add to that, there are numerous aesthetic instagrammable cafes and places for you to eat at.

Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, each section of the app has been meticulously curated to provide travellers with sufficient information that they need to explore Taiping town with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Install our app now and start mapping out your adventure to Taiping. The city will surely have you in awe with its picturesque views.

KL The Guide App